shape NOUN 1) the external form or appearance of someone or something as produced by their outline. 2) a piece of material, paper, etc., made or cut in a particular form. 3) a particular condition or state: the house was in poor shape. 4) a specific form or guise assumed by someone or something: a fiend in human shape. 5) definite or orderly arrangement.
VERB 1) give a shape or form to. 2) determine the nature of. 3) (often shape up) develop in a particular way. 4) (shape up) become physically fit. 5) (shape up) informal improve (something).
in (good) shape — Cf. ↑in shape
in the shape of — Cf. ↑in the shape of
lick (or knock) into shape — Cf. ↑lick into shape
out of shape — Cf. ↑out of shape
take shape — Cf. ↑take shape
DERIVATIVES shaped adjective shaper noun.
ORIGIN Old English.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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